Monday, September 26, 2011

Dinner with a Friend

Tonight I cooked dinner with my friend Tara. She chose tonight's menu and we agreed on the day that we would cook it. This is the 3rd dinner that Tara and I have cooked together in a month. The only problem is that Tara and I are 1800 miles apart, so we don't get to talk while we are cooking. Although, I would love to talk with her on the phone sometime while we cook.

Tara chose a few Giada recipes (although I only made 2): roasted beef tenderloin with basil-curry mayonnaise, fried smashed potatoes with lemon and roasted pears with brown sugar (and vanilla ice cream). I only made the beef and potatoes because Jake is allergic to pears. I thought about making it with peaches instead, and had I not been cooking 3 meals yesterday for Jake's lunches this week, I would have.

Anyway, can I just describe this meal? The beef was cooked to a perfect, tender, juicy 165 degrees (40 degrees above what Giada said). It melted in my mouth, and the mayonnaise (and marscapone cheese) was the perfect accent flavor. The potatoes were the perfect accompaniment to the beef. With just a touch of lemon mixed with parsley and thyme, the potatoes burst with flavor inside my mouth. Although I didn't get cooking until nearly 7:00 and we didn't eat until 8:30, it was worth all the effort. It's not difficult, but also not a meal one wants to make when there's a work meeting that lasts until 6:00pm.

I highly recommend these recipes, and I recommend cooking with a friend as you each choose new recipes to try, even if the friend lives on the other side of the country.

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