Monday, September 12, 2011

The BEST Chicken Recipe to Date!

Tonight I made the best chicken recipe to date. It was the perfect blend of chicken, herbs, mushrooms and onions. What was it? Fricassee de Poulet a L'ancienne....Old-fashioned chicken fricassee with wine-flavored cream sauce, onions, and mushrooms. Mmm-mmm!

All was going quite well, from the browning of the chicken to adding the flour/salt/pepper mixture to the chicken. Then, for some reason, I turned up the heat a little too high on the burner. All of a sudden, I smelled a little bit of charred flour. I opened up and the chicken was STUCK to the bottom of the pan! I had to chisel it with a metal spatula. However, I was relieved to find that the flour/chicken juice mixture made a nice, crunchy addition to the pan. I quickly added the boiling chicken broth and the white wine, turned down the heat and covered it for a 25-30 minute simmer.

I went back to the cookbook, and Julia told me to braise the mini-onions while the chicken continues to cook. EXCEPT, she said it takes 50-60 minutes! Hmmph! I was not going to slowly cook them. After all, they were frozen, and now thawed, so they were already quite soft. I just added the chicken broth to the pan, dumped the onions in and turned the heat up medium-high and covered them. Within 15 minutes, they were hot, so I took the lid off the pan, let the remainder of the chicken broth evaporate and then carmelized the onions a little bit.....perfection.

Julia has a unique way of cooking mushrooms. Chapignons a Blanc are stewed mushrooms, although they don't seem stewed at all. First, I brought water, lemon juice, butter and salt to a boil, then I added the mushrooms. They only took a few minutes to cook all the way, but they were better than just cooking them in butter. The mix of salt and lemon juice gave them a tanginess that went perfect with the chicken.

The leftover juices from the mushrooms went into the leftover juices from the chicken. Julia stated to boil down the juices until the amount is reduced to 2 1/2 cups, all while skimming off the fat as it boils. I didn't know that boiling it down would cause the fat to rise to the top. How cool that was to watch it continue to rise up. I just kept skimming it as it came to the top and gravitated to the sides. After about 20 minutes, the sauce was thick enough to add the remaining ingredients: egg yolks and whipping cream. Boy was that good gravy!

This chicken dish was exactly what I needed after this crazy Monday. However, I was a bit disappointed that Collin wouldn't try it. I know he would like it, but Jake was happy to have the leftovers to take to work tomorrow!


  1. Looks delicious! Impressive dish! That gravy sounds amazing...

  2. Reba, it's super easy! I think your kids would really like it :)